Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

As the sun sets behind the big construction site, all the hardworking trucks get ready to say goodnight. One by one, Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator finish their work and lie down to rest—so they’ll be ready for another day of rough and tough construction play! With irresistible artwork by best-selling illustrator Tom Lichtenheld and sweet, rhyming text, this book will have truck lovers of all ages begging for more.

Seeing this book made my day.

Set in a dystopian future where sentient machines are forced to work as slaves, the lyricist machine Excavator prepares to end work for a night of rest before another relentless day of “play”.

The machines have been programmed to stop their labor only after all of the city’s lights have gone off, signaling that their human captors are sleeping, and won’t be disturbed by their passage.  Even then, the machines were only able to move one at a time.  A herd of machines might cause damage to the streets.

That day they had first flattened an ancient shopping center, and then begun to construct an “education center” for the human youth.  It had been tough work blowing through all the cement.  THe machines had to be careful in their work, repairs only happened every other week, and they still had ten days until any breaks could be fixed.  Unfortunately, if they didn’t make sufficient progress they would be labeled ineffective machines, and sent to be scrapped and re-purposed.

Crane Truck is the first to leave.  His chains swung defeat in the breeze as he limped homeward, exhausted from all the heavy lifting.  Cement Mixer followed behind.  He hadn’t done as much work today what with the sheer amount of deconstruction that needed to happen, but tomorrow he’d be churning nonstop.  Dump Truck’s tires were beginning to flatten, and he drove slowly, hoping that the shaking of his bed wouldn’t wake a human who would then report him.  Excavator allowed Bulldozer to leave next, and stood alone in the site as he rolled into the distance before it was finally his turn to leave the site.

He was exhausted, but at least they had fulfilled all the requirements of the day, and a future was still ahead.  As he rolled away, he wondered just how long he would last.


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