Message in a Bottle

Divorced and disillusioned about relationships, Theresa Osborne is jogging when she finds a bottle on the beach. Inside is a letter of love and longing to “Catherine,” signed simply “Garrett.” Challenged by the mystery and pulled by emotions she doesn’t fully understand, Theresa begins a search for this man that will change her life. What happens to her is unexpected, perhaps miraculous-an encounter that embraces all our hopes for finding someone special, for having a love that is timeless and everlasting…. Nicholas Sparks exquisitely chronicles the human heart. In this New York Times bestseller, he renews our faith in destiny, in the ability of lovers to find each other no matter where, no matter when…

Theresa has completely embraced the fact that she has become a bitter spinster.  She had tried marriage, but it had ended with her husband running away with some red headed single mother.  It took years of counseling for her to be able to act with civility towards any ginger.  Love was a myth.  After all, all of those nauseating couples in the park were simply in the first stage of breaking up: Denial.

So when she literally trips over a dated whine bottle with a paper folded inside on one of her morning jogs, her first instinct is to chuck it back into the ocean.  But Theresa has had a slow, boring week, and nothing in scheduled for the rest of the day, with the small exception of bathing her cats so she takes the bottle home.

It’s an old, sun bleached love letter addressed to Catherine.  Theresa thinks that’s strange, her grandmother’s name is Catherine.  What if?….

She calls Grandma Cate, and asks if she ever knew a man named Garrett.  Strangely enough, her grandmother bursts into tears and has to hang up.

Teresa makes the drive to her grandmother’s house, the letter and bottle in the passenger seat.  Grandma Cate carefully reads the letter over and over again, crying.  Teresa looks on in resignation.  This is just another reason why love sucks.

Then Grandma Cate explains.  George was her fiancé, and she loved him very much.  But the war came, and his ship sank.  He was listed among the dead.  Still, she’d waited for years for him to miraculously return to her.  But he never came, and eventually she’d met and married Grandpa Hank.

She cradled the letter in her lap, a faint smile on her lips.  Theresa rises to leave.  Grandma Cate is obviously crazy.  Besides, it’s time to bathe her cats.


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