The Legend of Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens

Mistletoe was born on Christmas day And when the other kittens saw him…

they all ran away.

Mistletoe had given up hope of ever having a home, but when he finds three little lost kittens his unselfish acts of kindness and a surprise gift from Santa changes all that.

I like to believe that the kittens that Mistletoe were above silly things like fur color, and did not run away simply because his fur was green.

And also because that story is so incredibly overdone.

No.  In Mistletoe’s early years, he was a bully, so all his fellow kittens ran away to avoid getting beat up.

So Mistletoe grew up alone, and has lots of time to reflect on his actions.  He didn’t like the fact that he had no friends, my family and not even a mirror to stare bleakly into.

So when Mistletoe heard from a mouse he was about to eat that someone had abandoned a bag of kittens two alleys over, he rushed over and adopted the three survivors.

It’s winter, and Mistletoe realizes quickly that the kittens will freeze if he doesn’t act fast.  First he tears up his pillow bed, wrapping the kittens in the the stuffing, then runs to the local butcher shop, where he finds enough scraps to feed them, but not him.  Mistletoe gives them all the food, marveling at how quickly he has changed his life views.  Still, there isn’t much shelter for the kittens.

Mistletoe sees a window of a nearby house is cracked, and knows that if he can get in, he can snatch some small pillows and possibly a throw for his children, but he’ll have to climb up to the roof, then through the window.

He does so at much peril to himself, but just as he reaches the window, the homeowner sees him, and charges the window.


The window is slammed shut, and Mistletoe springs back onto the roof, to discover that a sleigh has landed there.

Santa is staring at the green cat in shock.

“What on earth are you doing?”  He asks, and Mistletoe meows his predicament, which is fine because Santa speaks cat.

Santa is impressed with Mistletoe’s change of heart, and volunteers to take the four cats home to the North Pole, to live with him.

Mistletoe accepts, and him and his three children are packed into the warm sleigh, and flown northwards.


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