The Little Prince

Since 1943, the wise little boy from Asteroid B-612 has led children and their adults to deeper understandings of love, friendship, and responsibility. The Little Prince is a cherished story, read by millions of people in more than a hundred languages. A must-have edition for any collector, this lovely book is also the perfect gift for those new to the wisdom of the Little Prince and the charms of his rose-and-star-filled worlds.

An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.

It was already stormy when the pilot took off, but he thought he could beat the worst of the storm.

Next thing he knew he had somehow miraculously avoided a crash, and had safely nestled his plane in the side of a sand dune.  Winds were still raging around, so he hunkered down in his seat to wait out the weather.

Then next morning he awakes to a tapping on his side window.  There is a ridiculously small boy standing beside the plane, with a crown atop his head.  The pilot clambers out of his plane, and the child introduces himself as The Little Prince, a friendly alien.

He was going for a walk amongst the stars and saw the lonely plane.

The Little Prince rescued lonely things.  He had rescued several lonely NASA rovers, lonely comets, aliens, and occasionally people.  He did it because he too was lonely, and looking for his family.

They had left him on a little cluster of little worlds, telling him that they would return in one rotation of the galaxy, but something had happened.  The little prince had hit his pre-teens and gotten bored.  So he went on a road trip to Saturn in order to run around the ring, and gotten lost on his way back.

The galaxy was to complete turning very soon, and the Little Prince would very much like to be home by then, to avoid punishment for leaving his little worlds.

The pilot offered up the star chart from his glove compartment, and the Little Prince thanked him kindly before studying it closely.

“That star there is right next door, oh look how clever I am finding my way home!”

And he left with the star map without even thanking the poor pilot.

But when the slightly insulted pilot turned back to his airplane, he found it perched in the very top of the sand dune, ready for takeoff.

So he flew home, hoping that at the same time the Little Prince is doing the same.


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